Wednesday, December 28, 2011

If I Tell

"If I Tell"
If you knew a secret that could ruin your mother's life would you tell her?
Jaz struggles with a dark secret about her best firend and her mother's boy-friend. This book wasn't my fav. because the whole book is just about one secret and a crappy romance. The endding wasnt mind-blowing, neither was the rest of the book. I wouldnt say dont read it just dont expect a wonderful book here. The only thing that keep me reading was Jaz and her feelings. The way she tells them is very intersting.
I feel that the back of the book doesnt do the book jusitice at all. One secret, to many words, not a good theme.

4 out of 10

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer

"The Unbecoming Of Mara Dyer"
When I had first picked up this book I really didn't have a clue what to think. After reading chapter one, I was sucked in. Mara Dyer has been in an accident, one leaving her without her best friend and her boyfriend.How would you feel losing your best friend from Kindergarten?  To escape she leaves her home town and moves to Flordia. Yes, Hot, Humid, and far from the cold where she is use to.
 There she meets Noah, a very handsome young man, a true player, but can a player change? Maybe? are Noah and Mara meant for each other?
 Amoung this book you will find a very powerfull girl and boy. You will see just really what happend in that bulding when it killed her two friends and her boyfriend.
I would normally give more information, but i feel that the surprise is the best part and i wouldn't want to ruin that for you

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

"Before I Fall"
By: Lauren Oliver

If you had to re-live one day of your life for a week, which would it be? For Sam she re-lived her last day of her life 7 times, each time ending differently. Her last day was Feb. 12th, or some might call it Cupid Day, yes a very fun hearted holiday where her and her best friends Ally, Eldoy, and Lindsay dress a like and get roses. The more roses you have the more popular you are. 
Juliet wasn't popular. No she wasn't mean or disturbed, but she had a reputation. A reputation that she didn't deserve. She was called "Psycho”. Sam's best friend Lindsay made up that name. Clever. Right? Well years and years of bullying do something to you, it makes you feel unwanted and horrible.
On Sam's Last day she is determined to get it right. She wants to save everybody, her, Kent, Lindsay,Eldoy,Ally, and even Juliet. Yes one girls suicide will change Feb. 12th for everybody.

Sam, Ally, Lindsay, Elody are all to blame they all set the track for the train thats going to crush someone, the question is who will be under it and who will watch?

Friday, November 18, 2011


Ellen Hopkins
Perfect (Impulse, #2)
After reading "Impulse" I truly couldn't get enough. I couldn't just let the characters slip away, not like that. I tried to hang on to this book as long as possible, but all things must come to an end, right? Connor felt he could never measure up to his parents expectations, feeling this way almost all the time did quite the number on his mind and in his heart. Cara is or was his twin. In Impulse you only hear Connor side to her, you only hear what he tells you. But in Perfect you meet this "Perfect" twin. and she isn't so perfect after all. Cara has to deal with her parents crazy high expectations along with a love for the same sex. She never wanted to believe it, she wanted the feelings,but they weren't  to go away. She never knew she could love like the way she loves Dani.
  But Sean her ex wont give up the best thing of his life, not to a guy or to a girl. Wanting to talk and smooth everything over wont save their relationship. But Sean isn't laying off the "roids" making him feel a little to pumped a little to anger. Snapping some pics for facebook wont do any good if a girl doesn't have any friends. For Sean, he planned his whole future around Cara, and now that he lost her what will he do?
  Kendra was deep in love with Connor, or maybe it was lust that she fell for. But now that she cant see him, or talk to her she craves nothing in the food groups. Nothing will make her happy that has to do with her eating. She wants to be a model, and being skinny is the name of the game. right? Well being 5'10 and weighing like 100 pounds shouldn't be. Kendra wants to be a model so bad counting each and every calorie is part of her everyday life. Kendra struggles with abuse, but you wont find out what kind till the end. Her secrets are deep enbedded in her thin skin. "Pretty isn't good enough" Once that cruel miror says so, she believes it in a heart beat. Trying to fix anything and everything is smiply impossible. The little bump on her nose, is something she is dieing to get off. just because its an imperfection. Will she fix everything, or just be to blind to see whats actually making her imperfect
  there is one more character in this book, a boyfriend of Kendra's sister Jenna. He wants to dance, to be a dancer. But daddy wont agree, more like daddy doesnt know. His love for Jenna is a one sided relationship. Jenna cant love someone, maybe its because she doesnt know how or being left behind was to hard to deal with she promisesd she would never love so she would never hurt. He ties knots together and all together made the book more complete.
10 out of 10!!!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Tension Of Opposites.

"The Tension Of Opposites"
By: Kristina McBride 
2 long years ago Tessa lost her best friend Noelle. Tessa was the one who found her red bike, she was the one who knew deep down she was alive. Tessa never gave up on her. When Coop Noelle's brother tells her Noelle is alive Tessa is thrilled. But what Tessa doesn't understand is Noelle is lost and will never reappear, no Elle appears. Things between will never be normal, those two long years neither girl was really living, just kept breathing. When Elle arrives back home everyone wants to know every detail. Even Tessa, but can you blame her, your best friend was kidnapped and you want to know how? Tessa finds some answers but will never know everything and that 4 the best. Elle was kept in a basement for two years, she was stocked for who knows how long, long enough for Charlie to know everything about her. Her name, Where her house was, each family members name and age, he knew everything, he even knew about Tessa, But Noelle was"Special" he choose her. after everything that happened to Noelle/Elle she will never forget what he did to her, she wont forget his coffee breathe teeth, or the dinky smell of her "mattress". All Tessa wants is things to go back, but the clock wont rewind for anyone. Tessa takes Elle's life into her own hands, because the thought of losing her again would and will kill Tessa. Tessa meets Max a sweet guy who is totally into her, but with Tessa in full protect mode for Elle, will Max be let in to Tessa world? 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ten Things We Did

"Ten Things We Did"
By:Sarah Mlynowski

Being a "good"girl isn't easy, so when the time comes to totaly rebel April jumps at the chance. Moving in with a close friend and no parents sounds amazing. Right? Well when Apirl's dad is in Ohio and her mother in France April gets to room with Violet and her mom (who is in Chicago). Having all the freedom she wants is hard to handle for Apirl, but somehow she manages. Apirls life might sound totaly amazing and i would trade anyday, but in the end her new life will have side effects. This was a well written book, about an amazing journey living almost Independant. I enjoyed the book, but it wasn't my favorite book. I give it a 7 out of 10. Hope you read it :) -Kayla
(Read in October)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Dead Is Not An Option

"Dead is Not An Option"
 By: Marlene Perez

Wow. If you enjoy a good mystery and a dash of romance, then this is perfect for you. I really am delighted that theses books are filled with mystery and excitement. Daisy is trying to solve a missing persons report as well as figure out who is behind her father's disappearance. While reading I, myself was trying to figure it out. Daisy is one lucky girl. not only does she have amazing powers, she also has the hottest and sweetest boyfriend ever. His name is Ryan, and yes there is something special about him to, he is a Were. Read it to find out why i love theses    books so much, and when your done you can thank me ;)  

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

13 Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why"13 reasons why"
By Jay Asher.

For Hannah life was to hard to bare, knowing she could end it  made her last day some how barable. After Hannah is gone, you find 13 tapes,and 13 reasons why. Hannah showed signs, signs all of them missed. She wanted someone to notice, someone to care, someone to tell her she was going to be fine, that they understood her and she didnt have to kill herself. Only it came to late. No one did, maybe it was they were to blind to see it or maybe because they didnt want to. You follow along Hannah's voice learn secrets you never expected to hear, you learn about the real Hannah. I really enjoyed this book, even though the ending wasn't what I wanted in the end. 9 out of 10 Stars

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dead Is Just A Rumor

"Dead is Just A Rumor"

 This is book 4 of a 5 part series and I have to say i loved every minute i spent reading this book. I really enjoyed the way the details wrap around your mind. I felt like i was watching Dasiy the whole time instead of reading about her. I can honestly say that this book has a dash of love and romance inter twined in it. I really am looking forward to cracking open the next one "Dead is Not An Option"
Wish me luck: :) -<3Kayla

Rating: 9.3 ot of 10

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Bands/Songs I Have Been Listening 2`

Flyleaf- "Im So Sick" "All Around Me"

Good Charlotte-"Meet My Maker"

KreayShawn- "Gucci-Gucci"

Kelly Clarkson- "Since U been Gone

Jefferson Airplane- "White Rabbit"

Saving Zoe

"Saving Zoe"
The only thing that Echo wants is to feel close to the sister that she lost almost a year ago. When Zoe's (ex)boyfriend shows up with Zoe's journal, everything that Echo thought she knew about her sister wasn't all that true. Echo starts to uncover deep and dark secrets about her sister, secrets Zoe tried so hard to hide. I really enjoyed the over all book, I think Allyson Noel is a very talent writer and I will hopefully read some more of her work in the future. Saving Zoe is a must read, it really brought me closer to my sister.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Where She Went

"Where She Went."
I really enjoyed "If I Stay" the first on to this novel, but after reading this one, I'am totally in love with this book. I loved how it's from Adams point of view, so you get both Mia and Adams sides of the story.I was really happy the way the book ended, no questions were roaming my head. I would recommend this book to anybody and everyone. The whole time reading I could see what Adam was going through and how he was feeling. I'm all for paranormal and powerful novels, but I enjoy a good love story every now and then.

If I Stay

"If I Stay."

Can you imagine loosing your whole family in one car crash. This one car crash would and will change your life no matter what. What would you do, would you stay with the man you are so deeply in love with, or would you go with your family and not get left behind? I'm sure Mia never expected that she would have to choose. I truly love the way Gayle Forman wrote this novel.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Want To Go Private?

Want to Go Private?

"Want to go Private?"

 This book is about a 14 year old girl named Abby, she is shy and so when she starts High School, things change, her best friend Faith is meeting new people and new friends and Abby really doesn't want to she wants things back to the way they were. So when Abby feels lonely she goes online and meets "BluSkiBoi" a nice 27 year old guy  named Luke Redwood from new jersey, abby has something to look forward to, someone to talk to, and most of all someone to love. As you peel back the pages of this book you understand the question everyone asks her "how could you be so stupid."

Monday, September 19, 2011



As i keep finishing Ellen Hopkins Books i become sad in a way, sad because i can read faster then she can write. I didnt really like the start to "Burned" but as i keep reading i fell in love. Pattyn never was popular, she was never the talkative type. Once Pattyn meets a boy and gets caught doing something her religion doesn't tolerate she is sent to her Aunt J's. There Pattyn finds her true love. She sees hope and trust, love and lust, she is finally free. The problem is Pattyn has to return home to her abusive father, a father that beats her and her mother and since she was gone her younger sisters too. Everyone sees the dark shades her mother wears to church, everyone knows but what they dont know is they could have helped, instead they didn't they looked away. Pattyn doesn't care about her father or her mother who keeps popping out kids, no she cares about Ethan her babies father. In her attempt to escape whats left of her Mormon life, she is in a crash one survives and two just took their last breathes of cold Nevada AIR.    

Friday, September 16, 2011

Good Reads

Good Reads is a great way to keep track of books, as well as Swap books and find friends. I think i have over 100 books to read and like 15 book read, my goal is to read 20 by 2012 wish me luck. If you join look me up some time at Kismet Kayla Thanks <3 Kayla

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Books I'm reading

As of now I'm reading four books! I know that seems like alot but I don't always read four at a time. The books I'm reading are "Identical" by Ellen Hopkins one of my absolute favorite authors, and my hero :), I'm also reading "Fallout" byEllen Hopkins as well. The third book I'm reading is "Drity little Secrets" by C.j. Omololu, now I read some serious werid books and I should read the back of a book but I can't help it I grab it buy it read the first page and relize that I should have read the back and If I would have read the back I probably wouldn't have got the book. Oh well my fault. The fourth book I'm reading is"the boyfriend list" by E. Lockhart, I started reading it and really liked it and put it off to the side and I finally got back to it. So those are the books I'm currently reading. So enjoy I hope you guys read them to and comment, even if you hated the books just let me know :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011



Being dead at 15, is something Liz never wanted, something she never expected. When being ran over by a cab on her way to the mall, she is hit by a cab and killed. The cab driver wasn't ever found. Liz ends up on a ship called the S.S Nile. At first everything to Liz is so unclear, but as time passes Liz figures it out. This book takes you on an adventure, it made me think what happens when we die? Is there a place like Elsewhere. In Elsewhere  you grow younger not older and once you are 7 days old you are on your way back to earth. Liz wants to return early, but that soon changes once Owen is in the picture. Will Liz find love in Elsewhere? When she never found it on Earth or Did she? maybe her last life maybe? Who knows... maybe just maybe you will

Secrets Of My Hollywood Life

"Secrets of My Hollywood Life"

As you can tell  i read all kinds of books, having said that this book actually wasn't all to bad, it had some romance and alot of drama. Books wouldn't be good without drama :). I normally dont go for books like this but my sister picked it put so i read it, Short but not to Short. i loved the way it ends and i would totally re-read it. My favorite thing in this book would be the details, so many details her clothes just sound plain amazing . <3 Kayla.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Glass is the sequel to "crank". Even though I loved crank, I love "glass" more, there is so much drama and action. There are highs and lows and up and downs but nothing will prepare you for this!!! KAYLA



Crank. One word for this book, amazing! This book is just so raw and so real. You see Kristna's life from her point of view, you see her family, her friends, you feel what she feels. The whole time I was reading this book I never wanted it to end. One of my favorites I will never forget Crank. Crank has touched my life in a way I can't explain.

All About my Blog

Now i know i have been writting Book Reviews but thats not all my blog is about it's about me to. The books i write about are books i want to read, i will however read books that you suggest to me here, just leave a comment. I want my blog to show me, "i know i'm far from perfect, but thats just me." My blog will also have Fashion Tips and Good Movies and anything anyone  wants to know about! So if there are any comments and Questions just email me or post it here THANKS kayla

Zombie Blondes

"Zombie Blondes"
When i got this book i didn't think this book would be one of my favorite books in the world. turns out i was RIGHT. What i mean is that i liked the book but I was mad at the ending, I'm not going to give it away though :) Welcome :) . I would however recommend the book to people that like thrillers and Zombies and Mystery, Thanks for reading <3Kayla 

Go Ask Alice

"Go Ask Alice"

i started reading "Go Ask Alice",and by the time i got to page 10 i couldn't put the book down. My fingers cramped from turning pages and my wrists hurt from holding up the book, but that didnt stop me from reading "Go ask Alice". Her words inspired me they took me places i thought i would never go before. This book is Truely inspiring to me and many others. If you haven't read "Go ask Alice" i would strongly recommed it to all readers 13 and above. I will never forget this book and i would totally read it again.!
<3 Kayla.