Friday, March 23, 2012


Maya + Lochan = Strong Love
ForbiddenMaya + Lochan = Brother/Sister
Maya + Lochan =  Forbidden

     Maya and Lochan have always been very close, closer then most siblings are. While raising their younger brothers and sister, Maya and Lochan can not help but be close. Maya and Lochan are left to fix their broken home when their father leaves, and their mother becomes a drunk. After always holding back their feeling for each other, one night after Maya goes on a date with a boy from school, Lochan cant hold back any longer. That's when everything goes up hill. They know that their love is wrong, but how can a love so wrong feel so right? Can their forbidden love last? or crumble with boundaries

Sunday, March 18, 2012


BloomLauren Lee Smith always felt average, her hair was normal, even her name was boring, so when Lauren is asked out by "perfect" Dave, Lauren feels she is  lucky. Lucky to have the perfect boyfriend. Dave and Lauren's relationship sounds perfect on the outside, but in the inside it isn't perfect at all. When Even moves back to town Lauren questions everything she thought about her relationship. Even isn't perfect, but Lauren still fell for him, but will they end up together, or will Lauren hold on to her perfect man?

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Someone Like You

Someone Like You

 When Halley is away at camp, Scarlett calls her after week one crying because her boyfriend had just died. Halley returns and tries to help pick up the pieces of her broken heart. As time moves on Scarlett lets her deceased boyfriend go. Only to find out she is pregant with his baby. Scarlett only has one perfect summer to remember him by, and now his baby. But will she keep it?
  Halley is there to comfort her, but she has a romance going on herself, with Macon. Macon and Halley start going out and it seems like true love, Halley had never really had a boyfriend besides Noah. When 3 months past Macon wants something of Halley's and she isnt quite sure if she wants to hold to it or give it away. Will there love last?

7 out of 10

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hate List

Hate List

Hate ListValerie never meant for anybody to die. She made the list with her boyfriend to vent. She never though he was going to show up at school one day and shoot everybody on that list, but he does. In the end Valerie takes a bullet for a girl she put on the list her self. She doesn't even know why she did it but she does. Valerie lives, and there are some survivors but there are also victims. Students that will never walk the halls again.
 Valerie is still deep in love with her boyfriend even though he killed students at their high school. To her he was never a monster. He was always sweet and protecting. A lot of the popular people would always pick on them, that is how the list started. Many names were on that list, more then once in fact and it was Valerie who started it, but she had never imagined that her boyfriend would actually come to school with a loaded gun, he didn't tell her or warn her.
 It is Valerie who must pick up the pieces of her crumbling life. Without her boyfriend she is left alone, her parents think she is crazy and her brother is embarrassed of her, her old friends want nothing to do with her. Valerie and Jessica start to talk and sort of become friends, i mean that is the least you could do for the one person who saved your life from a bullet that would have entered your skull.

Every Other Day

Every Other Day
Every Other DayEvery other day Kali is a normal teen, and every other day she... isn't. Slaying hellhounds, ripping zombies to shreds aren't normal hobbies for a teenage girl, but Kali is different. When Kali sees an Ouroboros on  fellow classmate Kali leads the Chupacabra (nibbler) out of Bethany and in to herself. She believes she can kill it when she transforms. Soon she sees that the Nibbler is slowly killing her and she might not make it.When Kali transforms she sees the that the Chupacabra deep inside her actually makes her stronger. It is said that the Chupacabras come in pair and Kali's Chupacabra is in a handsome Young man named Zev who has been locked up for two years. Her final mission is to go to the end of the earth to find and rescue Zev, the boy she is now linked forever to.
  Kali's adventure is full of twist and turns, none of which I had ever expected. This book is filled to the top of blood and action, with a bit of romance and thrills. 

9 of 10 

Saturday, March 3, 2012



Wither (The Chemical Garden, #1)  Truly enchanting. A tale of humans dying early. females dying at the age of 20 and males dying at the age of  25. Something went horribly wrong with first generations children, no one know why or how fix them but every First generations children are a ticking time bomb.
   Rhine and her twin brother Rowan have been on their own since a terrible accident left them without their parents. When Rhine is taken by "Gathers" to be sold as a House Governor's Bride it is then when the true story begins. Inside the beautiful house are two other brides know as her "sister wives". Rhine must escape, but how? A girl determined to get beck to New York, and to her true home. What will it take to get back home? How far is she willing to go?

Shatter Me

 Shatter Me
Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1)
   Juliette has a gift, she has power and she has a choice to make... be a weapon or be a warrior. Juliette hasn't touched anyone in 264 days, because her touch is simply lethal. It is decided that she shall be locked up. On the outside people are starving and dying rapidly. The atmosphere has crumbled and plants and animals are dropping dead. Juliette must choose her fate... but who will win the ultimate prize.... her Heart. Adam Or Werner?