Saturday, November 26, 2011

Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver

"Before I Fall"
By: Lauren Oliver

If you had to re-live one day of your life for a week, which would it be? For Sam she re-lived her last day of her life 7 times, each time ending differently. Her last day was Feb. 12th, or some might call it Cupid Day, yes a very fun hearted holiday where her and her best friends Ally, Eldoy, and Lindsay dress a like and get roses. The more roses you have the more popular you are. 
Juliet wasn't popular. No she wasn't mean or disturbed, but she had a reputation. A reputation that she didn't deserve. She was called "Psycho”. Sam's best friend Lindsay made up that name. Clever. Right? Well years and years of bullying do something to you, it makes you feel unwanted and horrible.
On Sam's Last day she is determined to get it right. She wants to save everybody, her, Kent, Lindsay,Eldoy,Ally, and even Juliet. Yes one girls suicide will change Feb. 12th for everybody.

Sam, Ally, Lindsay, Elody are all to blame they all set the track for the train thats going to crush someone, the question is who will be under it and who will watch?

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