Monday, September 19, 2011



As i keep finishing Ellen Hopkins Books i become sad in a way, sad because i can read faster then she can write. I didnt really like the start to "Burned" but as i keep reading i fell in love. Pattyn never was popular, she was never the talkative type. Once Pattyn meets a boy and gets caught doing something her religion doesn't tolerate she is sent to her Aunt J's. There Pattyn finds her true love. She sees hope and trust, love and lust, she is finally free. The problem is Pattyn has to return home to her abusive father, a father that beats her and her mother and since she was gone her younger sisters too. Everyone sees the dark shades her mother wears to church, everyone knows but what they dont know is they could have helped, instead they didn't they looked away. Pattyn doesn't care about her father or her mother who keeps popping out kids, no she cares about Ethan her babies father. In her attempt to escape whats left of her Mormon life, she is in a crash one survives and two just took their last breathes of cold Nevada AIR.    

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