Monday, September 26, 2011

Want To Go Private?

Want to Go Private?

"Want to go Private?"

 This book is about a 14 year old girl named Abby, she is shy and so when she starts High School, things change, her best friend Faith is meeting new people and new friends and Abby really doesn't want to she wants things back to the way they were. So when Abby feels lonely she goes online and meets "BluSkiBoi" a nice 27 year old guy  named Luke Redwood from new jersey, abby has something to look forward to, someone to talk to, and most of all someone to love. As you peel back the pages of this book you understand the question everyone asks her "how could you be so stupid."

Monday, September 19, 2011



As i keep finishing Ellen Hopkins Books i become sad in a way, sad because i can read faster then she can write. I didnt really like the start to "Burned" but as i keep reading i fell in love. Pattyn never was popular, she was never the talkative type. Once Pattyn meets a boy and gets caught doing something her religion doesn't tolerate she is sent to her Aunt J's. There Pattyn finds her true love. She sees hope and trust, love and lust, she is finally free. The problem is Pattyn has to return home to her abusive father, a father that beats her and her mother and since she was gone her younger sisters too. Everyone sees the dark shades her mother wears to church, everyone knows but what they dont know is they could have helped, instead they didn't they looked away. Pattyn doesn't care about her father or her mother who keeps popping out kids, no she cares about Ethan her babies father. In her attempt to escape whats left of her Mormon life, she is in a crash one survives and two just took their last breathes of cold Nevada AIR.    

Friday, September 16, 2011

Good Reads

Good Reads is a great way to keep track of books, as well as Swap books and find friends. I think i have over 100 books to read and like 15 book read, my goal is to read 20 by 2012 wish me luck. If you join look me up some time at Kismet Kayla Thanks <3 Kayla

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Books I'm reading

As of now I'm reading four books! I know that seems like alot but I don't always read four at a time. The books I'm reading are "Identical" by Ellen Hopkins one of my absolute favorite authors, and my hero :), I'm also reading "Fallout" byEllen Hopkins as well. The third book I'm reading is "Drity little Secrets" by C.j. Omololu, now I read some serious werid books and I should read the back of a book but I can't help it I grab it buy it read the first page and relize that I should have read the back and If I would have read the back I probably wouldn't have got the book. Oh well my fault. The fourth book I'm reading is"the boyfriend list" by E. Lockhart, I started reading it and really liked it and put it off to the side and I finally got back to it. So those are the books I'm currently reading. So enjoy I hope you guys read them to and comment, even if you hated the books just let me know :)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011



Being dead at 15, is something Liz never wanted, something she never expected. When being ran over by a cab on her way to the mall, she is hit by a cab and killed. The cab driver wasn't ever found. Liz ends up on a ship called the S.S Nile. At first everything to Liz is so unclear, but as time passes Liz figures it out. This book takes you on an adventure, it made me think what happens when we die? Is there a place like Elsewhere. In Elsewhere  you grow younger not older and once you are 7 days old you are on your way back to earth. Liz wants to return early, but that soon changes once Owen is in the picture. Will Liz find love in Elsewhere? When she never found it on Earth or Did she? maybe her last life maybe? Who knows... maybe just maybe you will

Secrets Of My Hollywood Life

"Secrets of My Hollywood Life"

As you can tell  i read all kinds of books, having said that this book actually wasn't all to bad, it had some romance and alot of drama. Books wouldn't be good without drama :). I normally dont go for books like this but my sister picked it put so i read it, Short but not to Short. i loved the way it ends and i would totally re-read it. My favorite thing in this book would be the details, so many details her clothes just sound plain amazing . <3 Kayla.

Monday, September 5, 2011


Glass is the sequel to "crank". Even though I loved crank, I love "glass" more, there is so much drama and action. There are highs and lows and up and downs but nothing will prepare you for this!!! KAYLA



Crank. One word for this book, amazing! This book is just so raw and so real. You see Kristna's life from her point of view, you see her family, her friends, you feel what she feels. The whole time I was reading this book I never wanted it to end. One of my favorites I will never forget Crank. Crank has touched my life in a way I can't explain.

All About my Blog

Now i know i have been writting Book Reviews but thats not all my blog is about it's about me to. The books i write about are books i want to read, i will however read books that you suggest to me here, just leave a comment. I want my blog to show me, "i know i'm far from perfect, but thats just me." My blog will also have Fashion Tips and Good Movies and anything anyone  wants to know about! So if there are any comments and Questions just email me or post it here THANKS kayla

Zombie Blondes

"Zombie Blondes"
When i got this book i didn't think this book would be one of my favorite books in the world. turns out i was RIGHT. What i mean is that i liked the book but I was mad at the ending, I'm not going to give it away though :) Welcome :) . I would however recommend the book to people that like thrillers and Zombies and Mystery, Thanks for reading <3Kayla 

Go Ask Alice

"Go Ask Alice"

i started reading "Go Ask Alice",and by the time i got to page 10 i couldn't put the book down. My fingers cramped from turning pages and my wrists hurt from holding up the book, but that didnt stop me from reading "Go ask Alice". Her words inspired me they took me places i thought i would never go before. This book is Truely inspiring to me and many others. If you haven't read "Go ask Alice" i would strongly recommed it to all readers 13 and above. I will never forget this book and i would totally read it again.!
<3 Kayla.