Thursday, September 8, 2011

Books I'm reading

As of now I'm reading four books! I know that seems like alot but I don't always read four at a time. The books I'm reading are "Identical" by Ellen Hopkins one of my absolute favorite authors, and my hero :), I'm also reading "Fallout" byEllen Hopkins as well. The third book I'm reading is "Drity little Secrets" by C.j. Omololu, now I read some serious werid books and I should read the back of a book but I can't help it I grab it buy it read the first page and relize that I should have read the back and If I would have read the back I probably wouldn't have got the book. Oh well my fault. The fourth book I'm reading is"the boyfriend list" by E. Lockhart, I started reading it and really liked it and put it off to the side and I finally got back to it. So those are the books I'm currently reading. So enjoy I hope you guys read them to and comment, even if you hated the books just let me know :)

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