Friday, November 18, 2011


Ellen Hopkins
Perfect (Impulse, #2)
After reading "Impulse" I truly couldn't get enough. I couldn't just let the characters slip away, not like that. I tried to hang on to this book as long as possible, but all things must come to an end, right? Connor felt he could never measure up to his parents expectations, feeling this way almost all the time did quite the number on his mind and in his heart. Cara is or was his twin. In Impulse you only hear Connor side to her, you only hear what he tells you. But in Perfect you meet this "Perfect" twin. and she isn't so perfect after all. Cara has to deal with her parents crazy high expectations along with a love for the same sex. She never wanted to believe it, she wanted the feelings,but they weren't  to go away. She never knew she could love like the way she loves Dani.
  But Sean her ex wont give up the best thing of his life, not to a guy or to a girl. Wanting to talk and smooth everything over wont save their relationship. But Sean isn't laying off the "roids" making him feel a little to pumped a little to anger. Snapping some pics for facebook wont do any good if a girl doesn't have any friends. For Sean, he planned his whole future around Cara, and now that he lost her what will he do?
  Kendra was deep in love with Connor, or maybe it was lust that she fell for. But now that she cant see him, or talk to her she craves nothing in the food groups. Nothing will make her happy that has to do with her eating. She wants to be a model, and being skinny is the name of the game. right? Well being 5'10 and weighing like 100 pounds shouldn't be. Kendra wants to be a model so bad counting each and every calorie is part of her everyday life. Kendra struggles with abuse, but you wont find out what kind till the end. Her secrets are deep enbedded in her thin skin. "Pretty isn't good enough" Once that cruel miror says so, she believes it in a heart beat. Trying to fix anything and everything is smiply impossible. The little bump on her nose, is something she is dieing to get off. just because its an imperfection. Will she fix everything, or just be to blind to see whats actually making her imperfect
  there is one more character in this book, a boyfriend of Kendra's sister Jenna. He wants to dance, to be a dancer. But daddy wont agree, more like daddy doesnt know. His love for Jenna is a one sided relationship. Jenna cant love someone, maybe its because she doesnt know how or being left behind was to hard to deal with she promisesd she would never love so she would never hurt. He ties knots together and all together made the book more complete.
10 out of 10!!!!


  1. Perfect was no different. I empathized with the characters, some more than others (more: Cara, less: Sean). My hopes were up along with theirs and my heart was also broken along with theirs. If you were to ask me who i identified with the most i would have to say with Cara. There was a part of her story I, myself, had to go through and so i felt her closer than any of the other characters in the book. Ellen Hopkins tends to write sad, both dramatic and traumatic, yet realistic stories. Perfect is not one of her saddest. On the contrary, there is a glimpse of hope for every character in the end and a promise for things to get better after each character has come to terms with their "imperfections", fears, dreams, contempts and regrets.

    1. i have to agree that i connected more to Cara then sny other characters, and that Perfect is not Ellen Hopkins saddest book by far. Which is your favorite book by her? for me it was Either Burned or Identical