Wednesday, September 7, 2011



Being dead at 15, is something Liz never wanted, something she never expected. When being ran over by a cab on her way to the mall, she is hit by a cab and killed. The cab driver wasn't ever found. Liz ends up on a ship called the S.S Nile. At first everything to Liz is so unclear, but as time passes Liz figures it out. This book takes you on an adventure, it made me think what happens when we die? Is there a place like Elsewhere. In Elsewhere  you grow younger not older and once you are 7 days old you are on your way back to earth. Liz wants to return early, but that soon changes once Owen is in the picture. Will Liz find love in Elsewhere? When she never found it on Earth or Did she? maybe her last life maybe? Who knows... maybe just maybe you will

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