Monday, November 7, 2011

The Tension Of Opposites.

"The Tension Of Opposites"
By: Kristina McBride 
2 long years ago Tessa lost her best friend Noelle. Tessa was the one who found her red bike, she was the one who knew deep down she was alive. Tessa never gave up on her. When Coop Noelle's brother tells her Noelle is alive Tessa is thrilled. But what Tessa doesn't understand is Noelle is lost and will never reappear, no Elle appears. Things between will never be normal, those two long years neither girl was really living, just kept breathing. When Elle arrives back home everyone wants to know every detail. Even Tessa, but can you blame her, your best friend was kidnapped and you want to know how? Tessa finds some answers but will never know everything and that 4 the best. Elle was kept in a basement for two years, she was stocked for who knows how long, long enough for Charlie to know everything about her. Her name, Where her house was, each family members name and age, he knew everything, he even knew about Tessa, But Noelle was"Special" he choose her. after everything that happened to Noelle/Elle she will never forget what he did to her, she wont forget his coffee breathe teeth, or the dinky smell of her "mattress". All Tessa wants is things to go back, but the clock wont rewind for anyone. Tessa takes Elle's life into her own hands, because the thought of losing her again would and will kill Tessa. Tessa meets Max a sweet guy who is totally into her, but with Tessa in full protect mode for Elle, will Max be let in to Tessa world? 

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