Friday, March 23, 2012


Maya + Lochan = Strong Love
ForbiddenMaya + Lochan = Brother/Sister
Maya + Lochan =  Forbidden

     Maya and Lochan have always been very close, closer then most siblings are. While raising their younger brothers and sister, Maya and Lochan can not help but be close. Maya and Lochan are left to fix their broken home when their father leaves, and their mother becomes a drunk. After always holding back their feeling for each other, one night after Maya goes on a date with a boy from school, Lochan cant hold back any longer. That's when everything goes up hill. They know that their love is wrong, but how can a love so wrong feel so right? Can their forbidden love last? or crumble with boundaries


  1. oh goodness!!!
    let me know how you like it.
    -martha :D

  2. i liked it, its hard to judge the book, because there isnt anything like it!
    thanks for the comment! :)