Sunday, March 4, 2012

Every Other Day

Every Other Day
Every Other DayEvery other day Kali is a normal teen, and every other day she... isn't. Slaying hellhounds, ripping zombies to shreds aren't normal hobbies for a teenage girl, but Kali is different. When Kali sees an Ouroboros on  fellow classmate Kali leads the Chupacabra (nibbler) out of Bethany and in to herself. She believes she can kill it when she transforms. Soon she sees that the Nibbler is slowly killing her and she might not make it.When Kali transforms she sees the that the Chupacabra deep inside her actually makes her stronger. It is said that the Chupacabras come in pair and Kali's Chupacabra is in a handsome Young man named Zev who has been locked up for two years. Her final mission is to go to the end of the earth to find and rescue Zev, the boy she is now linked forever to.
  Kali's adventure is full of twist and turns, none of which I had ever expected. This book is filled to the top of blood and action, with a bit of romance and thrills. 

9 of 10 


  1. i love love love this book and i haven't even finishedthe book yet. i hope Zev and Kali get together even though i know they will

    1. I loved it to! So mad there isn't a sequel! And I won't give any spoilers ;) hehe link he review of u make one :)