Sunday, February 26, 2012


Fearless: Fearless; Sam; RunF E A R L E S S

Gaia Moore is beautiful, smart, strong. Gaia Moore is F E A R L E S S.
She has intense blue eyes, and angel like hair, she has the abilty to take down a man x2 her size.

 When Gaia moves to New York with one of dad's friends, its the same as its all ways been, Gaia is own her own. She goes to school and goes to the park to play chess, and hangs with the guy in the wheel chair. Gaia has secrets, ones that are should be untouched, but when a stroll in the park turns into a scuffle Gaia has to let one fly. Ed, Gaia's friend was hooked the first time he saw her in the hallway. Standing there looking lost, Ed talked to her and tried to help, but she blew him off, and no body blows off the kid in the wheel chair! lol

Action packed, filled with bold moves and times i had to throw my head back and laugh!
~ "she is just an anger barbie" ~

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