Thursday, February 16, 2012



If rehab cant fix them who will?
Clean takes place in a top dollar rehab clinic. five charaters, five stories and five lifes. This fine bunch is lucky to have the chance to have the same consuler, thus making them a group. You hear their voices, their thoughts, and feelings and you get to understand them. Who will stay CLEAN?

~ I really liked all the humor Amy Reed put into CLEAN, and i liked the diversity. 7 out of  10, for lack of feeling and emotion, i felt that a major section needed to be added in to be able to understand them more.


  1. Dear Miss Moore,
    Do u think u can tell me where i can urchase this book i can tell its not made from CHina, because it seems to be good not Crappy.
    Kendal Reeves <3

    1. Youre crazy, lol and you can barrow mine!