Saturday, January 14, 2012



I know what you are thinking, Peeps, what kind of book is this? Well to be honest I thought the same thing. Peeps isn't a great title, but it really works for the book.

Peeps is a new and fresh take on Vampires, Or as Cal calls them Parasite Postive, (Peeps for short)
Cal is what they call a carrier, in other words he doesn't mind the sun, he eats normal food, and he is stronger then a normal human. Carriers are meant to spread the Parasite, this can happen many ways, Cal can kiss a girl, he can slept with her or bite her. The end result is her becoming a Peep, (an underground rat loving, sun hateing, blood sucking freak.) The Parasite is a tricky one, and humans think Peeps are Myths. If humans knew about Peeps, they would try to kill them and only carriers are strong enough to actually catch them.

I really enjoyed the adventure, the science behind it and most important i loved the characters. I feel that Peeps does more explaining on how "Vampires" actually came about, and how its more realstic then most Vampire books i have read.
Thanks for reading!

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